George Little
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student

Soccer player

Age 9 (Stuart Little)

11 (Stuart Little 2) (born 14 July)

Residence New York City, New York
Relatives Mr. Little (father), Mrs. Little (mother), Stuart Little (adoptive brother), Martha Little (little sister)
Allies Stuart Little, Will (best friend), Snowbell
Enemies Falcon, Monty (formerly), Stuart Little (briefly)
Portrayed by Jonathan Lipnicki (Stuart Little & Stuart Little 2)
Corey Padnos (Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild)
Myles Jeffrey (series)
Appearance Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little: Call of the Wild, Stuart Little (tv series)
George Little is the tritagonist of Stuart Little, the dueteragonist of the series, the tritagonist of Stuart Little 2, a supporting character in Stuart Little: Call of the Wild. He is Frederick and Eleanor Little's son, Stuart and Martha's older brother, and one of Snowbell's owners.

Early life

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George Little is good-tempered, exuberant, optimistic, rational, gentle, eager, loving, independent, trustworthy, thoughtful, level-headed and encouraging.


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