"Oh, hello! You must be a friend of Snowbell. I'm Stuart!"

Get ready to go for a ride on his classic.

Spin around in a giant roadster during a madcap talking sound. Ride like a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Version 1

Release date on August 4, 2000.

Version 2

Release date on September 25, 2001.

Version 3

Release date: July 27, 2007.

Ride atop a regal steed and drive through a whirling backdrop of wondrous color and whimsical music themes.

Take a fantasy spin on a gallant car outside Littles' House at Kiddie Ride.


The ride attracts with a set-up sound featuring characters from the 1999 film. Somehow, due to an error made by one of Stuart Little's (Michael J. Fox) roadster crews, Child Kid (boy/girl) gets out of finds himself/herself at Stuart's room. There he/she tries to locate Stuart's 'new car' as well as cause plenty of mayhem for Stuart and his roommate crews.

Just as each party of classic "spins" kid guests is get ready to take Stuart's coin-operated car on a journey across the New York City, Child Kid complicates matters even further.

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