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Born New York City, New York, USA
Occupation Smokey's henchman (at the first film; formerly)
Frederick's advisor (at the end of the first film, the sequels and the series)
Stuart's best friend (in the film)
Likes Having friends
Smokey (formerly)
Having fun
Making friends
Helping others
Stuart Little
Frederick Little
Eleanor Little
George Little
Martha Little
Dislikes When someone's hurt or in trouble
The Beast
Being called Tinkerbell
Stuart Little (in the book, formerly in the movie)
First Appeared In Stuart Little
Last Appeared In Stuart Little 3
Alignment Bad (novel)
Bad/Neutral, later Good (film franchise)
Portrayed by Nathan Lane (Stuart Little & Stuart Little 2)
Kevin Schon (Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild)
Snowbell is the main antagonist of the book Stuart Little, and the deuteragonist of the 1999 filmStuart Little 2Stuart Little: The Animated Series and Stuart Little 3. He is the Littles' pet house Kilala-like cat and Stuart's best friend. Even though he initially hated having "a mouse for a master" in the first film, Stuart eventually grows on him to the point where they repeatedly risk their lives for each other. He is the former main henchman of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's advisor.

Early life

Little is known about Snowbell's past, except that he has been in the Little family longer than George. He is a pearl Kilala-like white Persian cat who has many cat friends, including Monty.

In the film, Snowbell is very protective of certain family members, mostly Stuart.


In the novel, Snowbell is the malevolent, self-absorbed, negative, obstinate, witty, bellicose, evil, loathsome, loquacious, testy, ingenious, narcissistic, kooky, eccentric, relentless, boorish, emotional, loud-mouthed and loco family cat. In the film, Snowbell is seen as a friendly, shy, selfless, nurturing, optimistic, well-behaved, benevolent, even-tempered, loyal, level-headed, thoughtful, imaginative, nice, kind-hearted, efficient, respectful, big-hearted, empathetic, laid-back, low-key and lovable coward. He often focuses first and foremost on his own needs and frequently gets in trouble as a result.

In the novel, after Stuart gets caught in the window, Snowbell places Stuart's hat and cane near the mouse hole, panicking the family. Later, Snowbell attempts to eat Margalo, but Stuart shoots Snowbell's ear with the arrow. Later, Snowbell told one of his friends, the Angora cat, about Stuart and Margalo. After Margalo's disappearance, the Little family questioned him closely.

In Stuart Little, Snowbell despised Stuart at first and lunged to eat him shortly after he arrived at the Littles' house and looked at the pictures. This prompted Stuart's parents to scold Snowbell and demand that he spit Stuart back out (to which he does), and Frederick picks Snowbell up and sternly tells him that he should not eat Stuart. He eventually becomes very caring for Stuart and redundantly agrees to tag along with him to fight the Falcon and save Margalo.




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