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Stuart Little: The Animated Series, also known simply as Stuart Little, is an animated science-fiction adventure comedy-drama television series, based on the novel and films. The series is directed by Melody Fox, produced by Red Wagon Productions and Sony Pictures Television for the HBO digital cable television, and written by Rick Wilkie.

Stuart Little: The Animated Series teaches children how to solve their own problems and feel happy for their accomplishments.

Hugh Laurie reprises his role as Frederick Little, with the rest getting replaced by David Kaufman as Stuart, Kevin Schon and Quinton Flynn in some episodes as Snowbell, André Sogliuzzo as Monty, Jennifer Hale as Eleanor and Martha Little, Kathy Najimy as Margalo and Mark Hamill as Falcon.

The series aired for only 1 season, containing 13 episodes. Afterwards, it was cancelled and uncancelled.


The series focuses on the adventures of Stuart Little and his family.


Characters Introduced


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Season 1 Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 March 1, 2003 May 24, 2003

Season 1

Voice cast

The show's main character Stuart with his family portrait

Stuart and his family

Cast notes

  • It was rumored that Carlos Alazraqui was Monty's new voice.


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Home media

VHS releases
Name Release Date Number of Episodes
Volume 1 September 2, 2003 3
Volume 2 January 20, 2004 3
Volume 3 May 25, 2004 3

Two DVDs were released on May 22, 2007. Each contained 3 episodes of Stuart Little: The Animated Series. In April 2009, two more DVDs were released.

DVD releases
Name Release Date Number of Episodes
All Revved Up! May 22, 2007 3
Fun Around Every Curve! May 22, 2007 3
A Little Family Fun! April 21, 2009 3
Going For The Gold! April 21, 2009 4


  • Qubo airs the show in a low pitch, like the HBO Family runs and unlike the DVDs.