Stuart Little 4

When will they announce makin' a Stuart Little 4 film? Hopefully, it will be out soon, like sometime in 2012 or 2013 or somethin' like that. -- TheSitcomLover 4:01, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

Fifth alley cat

Apparently there are five alley cats that are featured in this film (counting Monty). This includes Smokey, Red and Lucky.

However there is a fifth unnamed alley cat who looks a lot like Smokey but with fluffier fur and a different facial structure. I find it strange that there are five alley cats, yet only four of them have names and voices. The fifth one has no name and is potentially silent throughout the entire film. -- C.Syde (talk | contribs) 05:08, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

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