This marker is intended to be used by contributors of the Stuart Little Wiki who wish to add an infobox to an article to easily display key information.

Template Code

|Box title= 
|Row 1 title= 
|Row 1 info= 
|Row 2 title= 
|Row 2 info= 
|Row 3 title= 
|Row 3 info= 
|Row 4 title= 
|Row 4 info= 
|Row 5 title= 
|Row 5 info= 
|Row 6 title= 
|Row 6 info= 

No Title
No Title No information


Why use it?

  • Easy display of key information in certain articles

When to use this template

Use this template when a page...

  • ...talks about a certain kind of media
    • Movies / DVDs
    • Soundtracks
    • Video games

When using this template...

  • Place the box at the top of the page, but below any other article tags (stub, improve, etc.)
  • Please note...
    • Keeping the Box Title empty will result in displaying No title.
    • If you don't want to display an image, just keep Image file Name and Image Size empty.
    • Keeping the Row 1 title empty will result in displaying No title.
    • Keeping the Row (any row) info empty will result in displaying No information.
    • Keeping the Row (any below row 1) title empty will result in that row and the rest of the rows below it not being displayed.
    • Maximum rows for information: 10 rows.
    • View some usage examples here for further clarification.

How to Use

To place an infobox in an article, simply copy the code given above and paste it at the top of the article. Then just fill out accordingly.

  • Note: In the future, there'll be separate infobox templates designed specifically for a piece of media (one for soundtracks, one for DVDs, etc.). But for now, use this general infobox.
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