Wallace is the secondary antagonist from Stuart Little 2.



Wallace is one of George Little's enemies including Anton. He's also part of the school's soccer team. But, he's a bad teammate and a bully. For example, when a member of the soccer team got injured. He excludes George from the team, but not physically. Also during the game, George fearfully stood in the middle of the soccer field and during that time Wallace called him "lame-o". But he was later defeated by George when he kicked the ball. First thing that happened was that when George kicked the ball. The ball hit Wallace's face and then he scored a goal and the team won the game! But, George also accidentally kicked Stuart into the goal. But things were still good.


Wallace can only be described one thing: "A BIG FAT BULLY". He's also rude, mean, inconsiderate, obese, fat, and a bad sport. It may be hinted that he's team captain on the soccer team because he considers himself to be better than the other players. He seems to like everyone on the team except George. But he can still be mean to the other players whether he likes them or not. His coach seems to intervene when he catches him bullying anybody especially George. After the soccer game George finally showed Wallace who's boss and doesn't bully George anymore. That's probably why he only makes one appearance.

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